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If you are not seen, you are not rescued!

 Stay Alive Coast Guard Approved life jackets          Stay Alive Coast Guard life jackets

StayAlive is a United States & Canadian Coast Guard Approved.

StayAlive is the most advanced MARINE SURVIVAL SYSTEM in the world today. StayAlive was designed by Dan Williams, a retired Florida Marine Patrol officer. Logging 1000's of hours on the water, this experience was used to create an unmatched safety package never seen before.

 Stay Alive life jackets

  • 45 ft. Buoyant heaving line (Canadian Coast Guard requirement)
  • Water-tite Orion flashlight ( Canadian requirement)
  • 3 Orion water proof flares (US and Canadian requirement)
  • Sound signaling device, whistle (US and Canadian requirement)
  • Collapseable bailer (Canadian requirement)
  • Floating international distress flag
  • Manuel propelling device
  • Signaling mirror with lanyard
  • Inflatable signaling device with reflective tape molded onto the unit.
  • Buddy lanyard to secure group together.
  • Two phosphorescent light sticks.
  • Neoprene S.O.L.A.S. light attachment loop and eye-let system.
  • Aqua-lite flotation foam.
  • Patent pending, 2001
  • United States Coast Guard Approved
  • Canadian Coast Guard Approved.
  • Single size fits most: UNIVERSAL
  • Color: International Red for high visability.
  • Reflective tape on shoulder area.
  • D-rings on shoulder and bottom to attach signaling devices and crew.
  • Leg straps that can be adjusted around crotch area to keep StayAlive from riding up around wearer. Very useful if in the water for prolonged period of time.

With all of this at your disposal you can see how:
StayAlive...Its more than a life jacket
Means exactly that!

 Guard Approved life jackets      Coast Guard Approved life jackets

  • Holster incorporates a non-slip holding and adjusting system that can be custom fit to your federal and local equipment carriage requirements.
  • Panel flaps use a Velcro closure for instant easy access for emergency equipement.
  • Panel covers contain additional buoyancy foam giving the vest a total of 15.5 lbs. of lift.
  • Floating international distress flag contained in collar, can be deployed with one pull.
  • When in the water, the flag floats behind the wearer, creating a large target for search and rescue. This visual aid is three times larger than the vest alone.
  • The flag is also detachable and can be tied to a paddle, gaffe, or fishing pole and used as a distress signal to passing boaters.
  • Four true-fit side adjustments, two on either side, allow wearer to custom fit to his or her size allowing for maximum comfort and fit.
  • Holster adjustment system can be detached from the device, flipped over, and used as a manual propelling device by placing hand in the shock cord opening as depicted - i.e. hand paddels.
  • 1.5 inch heavy duty waist belt secures holsters and vest on user, and will not dig into skin.

 Stay Alive Coast Guard Approved life jackets       Stay Alive Coast Guard Approved life jackets

Stay Alive Life Vests make a great addition to your fishing or scuba gear collection"

 Stay Alive Coast Guard Approved life jackets

Four of StayAlives unique features are:
The distress flag, inflatable signaling device, lanyard system, and crotch straps.

StayAlive...... Its more than a life jacket

 Stay Alive Coast Guard Approved life jackets

The distress flag can be deployed with an easy tug on the rear shoulder pocket handle. This allows the flag to open from the pocket and float on the surface of the water. Any rescue aircraft will now have a very large bright target to locate you. The flag is held in place with a snap which allows the flag to be detached from StayAlive. This option allows for use when in your boat. Example: your battery is dead so you put the flag on a fishing pole or gaffe. Passing boaters see the flag and come over to assist. The flag could also be used to keep the sun off your head while in the water awaiting rescue. The same principle is applied when in cooler climates which aids in keeping heat from exiting the head. Hypothermia is a constant threat if exposed to the water for an extended period of time, anything you do could save your life.

The inflatable signaling device is a simple but effective tool. This is inflated manually with approximately four breaths of exhaled air. Once inflated you clip the device on the shoulder D-ring so as not to lose it. When a boat is seen or heard you detach the device and hold it above the head. This allows people to be seen over rough choppy swells. There is reflective tape molded on the end which allows for the same use at night when a search light is in use. It also is one more visual aid in assisting aircraft.

Boating safety check: No problem, pull out your StayAlive and hand it to the Officer. Your safety gear is in one convenient neat place, no more looking all over your boat!

 Stay Alive Coast Guard Approved life jackets

The lanyard system is a very important tool, when in the water people drift at a different rate. The lanyard is clipped to one of two D-rings on either side of the lower front of StayAlive. Then you would clip the other end to the waist band of any other PFD you already have. Clipping waist band to waist band until your group is together and secure. Keeping everyone together is important and it also makes for a larger visual aid. StayAlive comes with one lanyard. Boat owners know how many people usually go out in their boat, this allows for each individual to decide how many extra lanyards are needed for their boat.

There are two crotch straps located in pockets on the inside front lower panels, one on each side. These are used to keep StayAlive from riding up on the wearer while in the water for prolonged periods of time. It also is an extra way to secure StayAlive on the wearer if in unforgiving seas, whether on the deck or in the water.

 Stay Alive Coast Guard Approved life jackets

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